Microsoft Internship Opportunities – Social Computing

FUSE Labs at Microsoft Research is looking for interns for 2013. For these positions, they are looking primarily for graduate students from Computer Science, Information Science, Design, and other multidisciplinary fields with a focus on social computing and social media.

FUSE Labs is a research and development lab at Microsoft Research focused on the design, study, and development of socio-technical systems. They are interested in building systems and studying them critically. Their goals are to contribute to the academic community as well as to invent the next generation of social technologies.

Next year, they are planning to have a cohort of interns working collaboratively on a civic media project. The goal of the project is to have meaningful societal impact by developing new tools to empower citizens, such as tools to visualize, aggregate, and enable collaboration among citizens locally and around the world.

More details can be found here.

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