Students enrolled in the Master of Information Management (MIM) program are strongly encouraged to complete an internship program. Internships allow you to apply your classroom knowledge in the workplace as well as help you anhance your academic, career, and personal development. Other internship benefits for you include:
  • Learn about field from the inside
  • Decide if this is right career
  • Learn new skills and add to knowledge base
  • Practice communication and teamwork skills
  • Meet new people and practice networking skills
  • Establish a network of professional contacts, mentors, and references
  • Gain valuable experience and accomplishments for resume
  • Potential full time job oppurtunity

MIM Internship Course

There are 2 courses offered by the iSchool MIM program that can be taken in conjunction with an internship.

  • INFM 735 MIM Internship course (3 credits):
    • Provides students with knowledge, skills, and experiences that will help shape career goals
    • Offered online during summer semesters.
    • May be counted towards an elective courses.

Note: Students are required to complete the MIM core classes (INFM 600, INFM 603, INFM 605, and INFM 612) prior to enrolling in INFM 735.

  • Univ099 - Zero (0) hour UMD Internship seminar course - Host company must agree to UMD requirements
    • Activities plannes for summer must be signed by company
    • Confirmation of completion of activities must be signed by comapny

More information can be found here 

Additional Information for International Students

According to the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations, prior to starting their internship, international students must obtain work authorization known as Curricular Practical Training (CPT), which is available from UMD International Student and Scholar Services office (ISSS)

3109 Susquehanna Hall,

University of Maryland,

College Park, MD 20742.

More information on how CPT works and application process could be found on the ISSS website.

MIM students often complete their internships in organizations located in and around the Washington, DC metro area, such as:

Bank of America                                         Time Warner Cable                                                   National Foreign Language Center

Titan Telecom                                             Link Media, LLC                                                        Paradyme Management

Wal-Mart E-commerce Labs                   Goldman Sachs                                                           Columbia University

DreamBig Studios LLC                             American International Group, Inc.                      Atlac Copco

Ernst and Young                                        DSFederal                                                                    Institute for System Research

Avaya                                                            REI Systems                                                                Maryland Population Research Center

Freescale Semiconductor                         BAIDU Cloud, Inc.                                              

Internship Search

The MIM program has yet to have a single case where a student has not been able to find an internship. We have many resources available to students, including:

1.     MIM Internship Database

2.     MIM Central

3.     MLIS Field Study Database (includes organizations interested in working with MIM students with more technical skills)

4.     University of Maryland's Career Center

5.     Campus Career and Internship Fairs