Data Analytics Specialization

Data Analytics

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Technology Development

Information Management Research

Individualized Program Plan

The Data Analytics specialization allows students to gain skills needed to manipulate and mobilize data in order to support decision-making process and organizational goals in a variety of sectors. Students completing this specialization will be able to use quantitative analysis, methods, and tools for examining, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to create valuable information. This specialization prepares students for a variety of positions, such as: data scientist, data analyst, or information analyst. The following coursework is required to complete the Data Analytics specialization: 

Four Core Courses (12 Credits)

  • INFM 600 Information Environments

  • INFM 603 Information Technology and Organizational Context

  • INFM 605 Users and Use Context

  • INFM 612 Management of Information Programs and Services

One Advanced Technology Course (3 Credits)

  • INFM 700 Information Architecture

  • INFM 747 Web Enabled Databases

  • INFM 743 Development of Internet Applications

  • INFM 750 From Data to Insights

  • INST 733 Database Design

  • INST 734 Information Retrieval Systems

  • INST 735 Computational Linguistics I

  • INST 736 Computational Linguistics II

  • INST 737 Digging Into Data

  • INST 767 Big Data Infrastructure

  • Other courses from Computer Science (CMSC) with permission

Two Project Courses (6 Credits)

  • INFM 736 Information Management Experience

  • INFM 737 Information Management Capstone Experience

Three Specialization Required Courses (9 Credits)

  • INST 733 Database Design

  • INST 627 Data Analytics for Information Professionals

  • INST 737 Digging into Data

Two Specialization Electives (6 Credits)

  • INFM 714 Principles of Competitive Intelligence

  • INFM 732 Information Audits and Environmental Scans

  • INFM 747 Web-Enabled Databases

  • INFM 750 From Data to Insights

  • INST 714 Information for Decision Making

  • INST 728R Special Topics in Information Studies: Data Management 

  • INST 760 Data Visualization

  • INST 767 Big Data Infrastructure