The Master of Information  Management (MIM) is a unique cross-disciplinary degree program that provide both a solid foundation in Information Management and the flexibility to pursue your own interests and needs. Courses are offered during the day and in the evening.

Successful completion of the MIM degree requires the completion of 36 credit hours of academic work with a minmum of a B average (3.0 GPA). This includes:

  • 4 core courses,
  • 2 capstone project courses,
  • 6 elective courses.

Full-time students may complete the program in 24 months; and part-time students may complete the program in three or four years. All coursework must be finished within five calendar years of the first registration. Students can switch between full and part-time enrollment if needed.


MIM core courses provide a foundation of skills and knowledge related to information, technology, user experience, and management. The courses provide an opportunity to determine which aspects of information management are most interesting and useful to each individual student. The core courses must be completed during the first 18 credits a student is enrolled in the MIM program, ensuring the best educational path for  MIM students.

Students who have previously completed coursework, or have work experience, that has provide a comparable and systematic coverage of the skills taught in the core courses may be qualified to waive the course. More information about the waiver criteria and waiver process can be found here.


MIM students are required to complete the MIM Capstone Experience. The experience allows students to work on an information management related project over 2 semesters providing them an opportunity to work in a professional environment, learning and communicating as an information management expert.

The 2 Capstone courses involve the following components:

 INFM 736 Information Management Experience (3 credits):

  • Must be taken prior to INFM 737 
  • Offered only in the fall semesters

 Curriculum covers:

  • Project Requirements Gathering 
  • Project Planning

 INFM 737 Information Management Capstone Experience (3 credits):

  • Offered only in the spring semesters

 Curriculum covers:

  • Project Execution 
  • Project Conclusion 

More information about the capstone project courses can be found here.


MIM Students are required to complete 6 elective courses. The MIM program offers specializations, providing an opportunity to develop greater depth of knowledge and skills in a particular aspect of information management.

  • Archives and Digital Curation
  • Community Analytics and Policy
  • Data Analytics
  • Individualized Program Plan
  • Information Management Research (MIM Thesis)
  • Strategic Management
  • Technology Development
  • User Experience

More information about the MIM specializations can be found here.


MIM students are enrolled in either the MIM program at one of two campuses, College Park or Shady Grove, MD as their home campus. Students may take any course from the College of Information Studies that meets the program requirements at either campus, regardless of which campus is designated as their home campus. Keep in mind that campuses are subject to University of Maryland fees, program specific enrollment constraints, and capacity limitations.


The MIM program offers opportunity to take courses from other schools on the University of Maryland campus. 12 of the 36 required credits may be taken from other University of Maryland departments or at other University System of Maryland institutions.

Students may also take courses through the 14-member Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area if no equivalent courses are offered at the University of Maryland. Courses taken through the Consortium are charged at the University of Maryland rates, and grades are posted to the student’s University of Maryland transcript.

Alternatively, students may be able to transfer up to 12 credits of coursework from other accredited graduate programs, or and from an Advanced Special Student status at the University of Maryland.

Refer to the iSchool’s Petitions and Waivers page for further instructions for transferring credits, taking courses in other departments or other University System of Maryland institutions, or at other Washington Metropolitan Area consortium institutions.