Capstone Projects

The Masters of Information Management students in Maryland’s iSchool complete a Capstone Project in their last year of the program. The projects allow students to work through real information management challenges, providing them an opportunity to showcase their capabilities, synthesize their knowledge, and further develop their ability to communicate as information management professionals.

In the fall semester, the students work with the clients to develop a project proposal, including a full project definition and scope. During this semester the students will conduct requirements gathering sessions with their clients to help shape the project. Once the clients agree on the requirements, the students will then create full project plans that will be followed in the spring semester.

During the spring semester, students work independently for 10-hours each week to complete the projects. Throughout this phase of the projects, students are expected to schedule a 1 hour weekly virtual or in-person meeting with their clients. These meetings allow both the student and the clients to evaluate the progress and direction of the projects.

At the end of the spring semester, the students’ projects are showcased at the Experiential Learning Expo, where the students present a poster representing the projects. Current and potential clients are encouraged to attend the Expo, allowing an opportunity for the clients to meet the students and faculty at the iSchool, and view current student projects.

Examples of previous projects can be viewed here