We are proud to offer several different specializations for students to pursue their interests and prepare for their future careers. Students have the option to complete course work that follows a specific interest thematically, or they can design their own individualized plan.

All students, regardless of specialization, must successfully complete 36 credits. These credits include our MIM Core Courses (18 Credits), Advanced Technology Elective (3 Credits), MIM Capstone (6 Credits).

To view the requirements for each specialization, refer to the iSchool website.

The following descriptions may help students determine the the path that best aligns with their interests:

Data Analytics:

The Data Analytics specialization allows students to gain skills needed to manipulate and mobilize data in order to support decision-making process and organizational goals in a variety of sectors. Students completing this specialization will be able to use quantitative analysis, methods, and tools for examining, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to create valuable information. This specialization prepares students for a variety of positions, such as: data scientist, data analyst, or information analyst.


Strategic Management:

The Strategic Management specialization focuses on managerial, administrative, and organizational aspects of information analysis. Students gain a strong understanding of the role information and technology play in the management and operation of organizations as well as the knowledge and skills required to support organizations in developing and managing strategic information strategies. This track prepares students for such positions as: project manager, IS consultant, business analyst, and chief information officer (CIO)

User Experience:

The User Experience specialization focuses on the design, creation, and evaluation of interactive information systems and implementation of user interfaces. It prepares students for such positions such: UI/UX designer, usability analyst, and website developer.

Technology Development:

The Technology Development specialization focuses on the development, implementation, and maintenance of systems that support information management. The coursework is designed to provide an understanding of the technical, design, and managerial issues which arise during the creation and implementation of information systems. This track prepares students for positions such as: systems analyst, senior developer, and chief technology officer (CTO).


Individualized Program Plan:

The Individualized Program Plan specialization allows students to design a custom specialization that best meets their interests and needs. The students will choose an area of focus and choose their courses to create their own area of specialization. This specialization combines a foundation of general knowledge in Information Management and Technology with customizable options for particular circumstances

We also offer an option for students looking to conduct research in preparation for a career in academia:

Information Management Research:

The Information Management Research specialization focuses on conducting research advancing the state-of-the-art and state-of-the-practice in information technology and management, where the student will conduct specific research and present the result as a thesis. It prepares students for advanced study in information science doctoral programs and careers in cutting-edge corporate or entrepreneurial environments.